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Jermann Chardonnay 2022

Product description

Silvio Jermann's Chardonnay is an authentic mirror of the Friulian Collio, told through a family's passion for their land. In an area particularly suited and linked to the old regional tradition, Jermann has been able to find a place for itself among Friuli's greatest exponents through quality wines with a strong territorial imprint. Simple ingredients and strong passion have guided this agricultural reality for years, which in 30 years of history has risen to the top of regional and national production.

The white Chardonnay wine illuminates the glass with its brilliant straw-yellow coat edged with greenish hues. The aromatic profile is intense and complex, characterized by a symphony of notes of yellow fruit, citrus and white flowers, with trails of almond on the finish. The palate reveals itself to be delicate, refined and immediate with a definite sapid-mineral lash. The sip is elegant and well-proportioned, calibrated by the beautiful constant relationship between field and freshness. Best enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with white fish and shellfish dishes, it also goes very well with vegetable dishes, delicate white meats and fresh cheeses. An indelible sip that tastes of Friuli.