Sold Out Kavalan Artist Series "Ocean" - Puncheon - 1 Litre
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Kavalan Artist Series "Ocean" - Puncheon - 1 Litre

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Product description

Painting - “Pisilian - Morning Stars Over The Coast”

The indigenous name, Pisilian, refers to a stretch of Taiwan’s eastern coastline, connecting Kavalan’s home in Yilan County with Taitung County where Paul Chiang is based. Kavalan’s story, or dream, starts in the Ocean under a starry sky. From here, moisture rises and eventually condenses above Snow Mountain, creating Kavalan’s legendary water source.

Colour: Dark crimson waves.

Flavour: The delicious aroma of freshly roasted almond biscuits brings out the smoothness of vanilla and sweetness of white peach, with a hint of maple syrup to accentuate the fruity aroma.

Palate: Smooth vanilla and sweet toffee, accentuated with hints of nutty notes, give way to a rich burst of white peach and tropical fruit. A multilayered flavour with an ocean of depth and complexity, and a smooth finish.

Cask No: P080103044