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Ken Wright Pinot Noir Abbot Claim Vineyard

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Product description

Ken Wright Cellars is devoted to showcasing the inherent quality of selected vineyard sites. With a clarity and breadth unequalled by other varieties, they believe Pinot noir best expresses the character of these sites. Rather than stamping wine with a varietal trademark, Pinot noir is the ultimate vehicle for conveying the aroma, flavour and texture of the region where it is grown. Ken Wright Cellars produces a single vineyard Pinot Noir from 13 different vineyard sites in the Northern Willamette Valley.

It is the nature of human beings to tinker with things. While this is generally a good trait, certain things in the world are better left alone. Minimal handling of wine is essential to preserve what it is: a gift of nature. At Ken Wright Cellars, they believe in small-batch fermentation. Each vineyard, further separated by clones, is hand sorted, fermented in small 1 1/4 ton open vat fermenters until dryness, then pressed and aged separately. The wine is aged in 100% French oak barrels for about one year. Every single vineyard designated Pinot noir is made with the same approach so the consumer can genuinely taste the place in which it was grown.