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Kolonist Riesling - 12 Bottles

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Product description

A semi-dry Riesling made ​​from grapes grown on the shores of Lake Ialpug in Odessa region, on clay-gravel soils rich in organic matter. The grapes are harvested in the cool hours of the day and only by hand, undergoes destemming and soft pressing. Wort is cooled, clarified and 8-12 hours pumped into stainless steel tanks, where for 3 weeks undergoes slow fermentation for better extraction of flavors. Before bottling the wine undergoes pasting and light filtering while retaining its fullness and color. 

A pale straw color with a greenish tint. Extremely balanced taste wines inherent mineral shades that create a strong foundation and give a good structure and aftertaste - incredible durability.  Impressive wine fruity aroma with notes of peach emphasized.