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La Capuccina Nebbiolo Colline Novaresi 'Opera 32' 2017

Product description

The Colline Novaresi DOC denomination represents one of the most important wine production areas. It is a large district in north-eastern Piedmont. It stretches from the River Sesia (which originates from Mount Rosa) to the River Ticino (which originates from Mount Gottardo). It is here that the Nebbiolo "Opera 32" is produced.

Opera 32 is one of La Capuccina most excellent wines, born in the vineyards of their farm in Fara Novarese.

To produce the Nebbiolo Opera 32, the Nebbiolo grapes are manually harvested takes place in the first ten days of October.

The colour is ruby red and the smell is elegant with signs of violet, vanilla, licorice, and balsamic. The taste is harmonious, velvety, soft with a bitter aftertaste.