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Langjiu Honghua Lang 10 Year Old Baijiu

Product description

The High Flying ‘Lang’ Spirit, ranked as one of the most valuable brands, is the most premium and recognizable brand in China.  Langjiu has also become a chosen brand for the state banquet for years and the official sponsor for a great number of national and global events.

The beginning mouth feeling of this particular Hong Yun Lang 10 Year Old is fine and smooth, yet complicated while going through the throat. The long-lasting aftertaste and lingering smell on empty glasses are indeed satisfying.

The unique brewing craftsmanship that formed as early as 19th Century combines the modern brewing technology, which includes around 50 different procedures.

The particular ceramic bottle, designed by top class Master of Colorful Ceramics — Shanping LU, experienced 105 procedures with unfaded unique coloring materials. Throughout the long history of China, the red color has always been perceived as the typical and traditional symbol of auspiciousness.