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Luzhou Laojiao Tou Qu Baijiu - 500 ml

Product description

The journey to Ming River baijiu begins in the heart of Sichuan at China’s oldest operating distillery, Luzhou Laojiao.  Each batch of baijiu is fermented in earthen pits with locally harvested yeast cultures for two months before it is distilled in a traditional Chinese pot still.  The spirit then ages for up to two years before their master blender balances the baijiu to achieve Ming River’s exceptional flavor.

Luzhou Laojiao Touqu is one of the most classic and popular products of Luzhou Laojiao. It is well-loved with its typical characteristics of strong aroma baijiu.  The nose balances umami and fruitiness, with hints of almond extract and apricot. Starts with a burst of pineapple and liquorice in the mouth and finishes with the fiery tingle of Sichuan peppercorn.