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Martin's Lane Riesling Naramata Ranch 2017

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Product description
The Naramata Ranch site sports a topology and geology that is a winegrower’s dream. Planted across several elevations, where the soils, a mix of red granite on the surface over granite bedrock are everywhere. The site is mostly grass-free because it won't support grass or a cover crop, and in 2017 it yielded 1490 growing degree days. The vines are old at 41 years, and own-rooted to an unknown clone, adding another layer to this wine's complexity. The ferment and ageing are completed in German oak stücks. On the palate, the style is electric, with ultra-bright, juicy fruit with intense stony, mineral, lemon-lime. The Ranch sits at the northern end of the Naramata Bench before running up against Chute Lake's mountains. In general, the riesling is hand sorted, and not all the berries are crushed before they go to press sans sulphur. A riesling for wine geeks.