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Mezcal De Leyendas Maguey Coyote

Product description

Mezcal De Leyendas' love and appreciation of mezcal began more than 15 years ago, when very few people had a clue about mezcal. It was by chance that one of their founders had a great experience with mezcal while attending a wedding in Oaxaca, and it sparked intrigue and curiosity to learn more about this mysterious spirit. As other aficionados began to discover mezcals from Oaxaca, they were exploring the different agave regions of Mezcal’s Denomination of Origin (D.O.) – which is the largest in the world.

Common name for an ancestral mezcal facility in Oaxaca. This is a really nice palenque that features clay pot distillation, which is customary for the Sola de Vega region. Aromas of peat and hard candy and a deep earth profile, toasted agave profile on the palate.