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G Joy Junmai Ginjo Genshu - 750 ml

Product description

Sake One's 'G' is a rich genshu style saké that's big and bold with fruity aromas supported by a velvety dense body revealing melon, cherry, and a pepper finish.  Adding to the complexity are notes of perfumed Anjou pear, lush melons, sticky rice, water chestnut, and black pepper.  Pair the 'G' with Spicy Thai cuisine, Poutine, and Gourmet Burgers.

Origin:    Oregon, USA  |   Rice Polished to:   58%   |   Alcohol:  18%

Awards:   93 Points, Best Buy, GOLD MEDAL - World Sake Challenge 2019  |  GOLD MEDAL - London Sake Challenge 2019  |  GOLD MEDAL - Tasting Panel 2019