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Musella Valpolicella Superiore 2018

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Product description
Musella is a top organic and biodynamic family-run winery in Italy's Veneto region. Their wines follow an ambitious project, not only because they are biodynamic but because they believe that now is the time for the Valpolicella further to explore its territorial potential, free from market constraints, in order to better express all their innate class in purity and taste. The elegance inherent in traditional varieties is thus considered the conceptual center of their wines, the true revelation of a rich and unique nuances and complexities territory, often enhanced with the right depth in most commercial wines, thus confusing the public perception.

This Valpolicella is made in a traditional style, with flavours of spiced cherry, plum and tea leaf, all framed by well-meshed tannins and subtle acidity, resulting in a wine more powerful than the first sip may suggest. Elegant and silky on the fine savoury finish.