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Fukuda Shuzo Nagasaki Bijin Daiginjo - 1.8 Litre Bottle

Product description

Award-winning Nagasaki Bijin Daiginjo Sake reveals intensely focused notes of pear and lychee with Fuji apple. It's extremely light and tropical, combined with a fragrant nose and umami undertones.  'Bijin', meaning 'beauty', is reflected in the label on the bottle and the sake within!  It's made from Yamada Nishiki rice from Nagasaki prefecture and slowly fermented at low temperature.  This daiginjo sake is perfect with pork and chicken dishes, as well as white fish.  Enjoy it chilled! 

Origin:  Nagasaki Prefecture  |   Rice:  Yamada Nishiki  |   Rice Polished to:   38%   |   Alcohol:  17%

Awards:   Highest Gold Award -  Reiwa 2nd National New Sake Appraisal   |  Silver Award -  IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2021