Sold Out North Star Loch Lamond Inchfad Single Malt 2007
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North Star Loch Lamond Inchfad Single Malt 2007

Last unit sold for $106.00

Product description

North Star have unearthed another gem with this 2007 Inchfad, which nowadays could be considered as a lost single malt from an operating distillery.

Inchfad was one of Loch Lomond's experimental heavily-peated single malts made on Lomond stills, but the Inchfad name has now been officially retired for this style and now is only used internally to refer to a different type of blending stock at the distillery.

Bottled in 2021 as a 14-year-old from an Oloroso sherry barrique, no less, which yielded 234 bottles at 49%. Peat and sherry fans take note.