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Clase Azul 'Dia De Muertos' Tequila - 1 Litre Bottle

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Born from the encounter between cultures and worldviews, the celebration of Día de Muertos is one of Mexico’s most beloved and emblematic traditions. During this time, we celebrate the memory of our loved ones who are no longer with us. As promoters of our culture, we’d like the whole world to be able to discover the magic and beauty of this colorful celebration.

We’re proud to present the new Clase Azul Tequila Día de Muertos Limited Edition Colores, a creation that pays homage to the colors that illuminate this iconic Mexican celebration. 

The bottle’s design is inspired by the ofrenda, an often elaborate and colorful offering for the deceased. The base of the decanter is decorated with iconography emblematic of the marigold flowers and papel picado (paper with cut-out designs) placed on the altars dedicated to the deceased. The bottle’s white glaze is representative of alfeñiques (sugar confections). But arguably the most eye-catching design on the bottle is the depiction of a calavera de azúcar, or sugar skull. The vibrant bottles were handmade by the company’s Mexican artisans and each bottle took around 12 days to complete.

In addition to this magnificent decanter, the contents inside are also worth marveling over. Aged for 28 months, the añejo tequila spent its first 22 months in American whiskey casks before being finished in artisanal rum barrels from Martinique. The result: a hint of sweetness with notes of orange peel, clove, walnut, and cacao.

The anejo tequila of this limited edition is inspired by Calaveritas de Azucar, a colorful sweet traditionally made during Día de Muertos.

In honor of this tradition, our Master Distiller chose to finish this tequila in casks of rhum agricole, an artisanal rum from the island of Martinique. The essence of this rum distilled from fresh sugarcane juice remains in the wooden casks and helps give the tequila its unique profile.