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Notaboo E.T. 51 Premium Amber Rum

Product description
Notaboo E.T.51 Premium Rum is a unique creation. Almost all rum distillers use the juice of sugar cane to produce heavy rums, commonly known as agricultural rums. As result of technological innovation, they use the sugar cane juice to ferment and produce a derivative of dense sugar cane, which is then distilled to produce a base spirit to make clear rum.

The master distillers of Notaboo, however, have creatively used pomegranate juice to make "dense pomegranate" first, which is skillfully paired with dense sugar cane to create a unique, more layered, and anticipated rum than light and heavy rums, with a hazy light pink colour, full of spirituality and a more fascinating flavour. They strive to allow consumers to feel enchanted and surprised, like entering an intergalactic orchard, a world away and unparalleled. It is true that the oak barrels have been settled over the years, overflowing with the splendid fragrance of the wine, the ultimate restraint of the connotation, but also reflect the excellence of Canada's charming and pure nature, and the diligent pursuit of artisanal simplicity. So much so that many tasters feel that this rum is about to become a flagship of Canadian rum. Its enchantingly user-friendly packaging also surpasses beauty.

The amber colour of Niagara Falls, the light amber colour of the glass, the light mist of fruit, the original sugar cane taste, but also the unmistakable taste of pomegranate.