Sold Out Oban Distillers Edition 2021
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Oban Distillers Edition 2021

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Product description

2007 Oban double-matured in ex-bodega Montilla Fino cask wood for a rich fruitiness and maritime flavor that bonds with the fresh, sweet aromas and tastes of the regular release in an explosive, rich and deep expression of Oban. 

Nose: Light hint of red grape, otherwise pure Oban: floral heather, deep golden honey, apple cider. This also shows some nice almond or marzipan, and is light and dry.

Palate: Dry. Elegant light sherry, with a wave of deep black cherry, sweet apple juice, and the characteristic honey. A very nice blending of the Oban style with a delicate sherry fruit basket.

Finish: Black cherry again, plus some light fading wood tannins and a bare hint of sweet smoke. Wow!!