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Ogier Grenache 2019

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Since 1859, Ogier has been creating cuvees from the Rhone Valley from premium vineyards. Most known for Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Ogier is the benchmark for terroir-driven quality wines. They are now offering two single varietal wines, 100% Grenache and 100% Syrah, from the Rhone Valley to introduce wine drinkers to the region and French wines in general. 

If you like Malbec, Merlot or easy-drinking blends, Grenache is a great wine for you to try. A dry red wine with medium body, medium alcohol, medium acidity and smooth tannins, Grenache has flavours of plum and ripe red fruit. You may also find a just a hint of spice, leather and dried herbs. 

A great wine to kick back and sip on or pair with grilled burgers, mom's meatloaf or herb roasted veggies.