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Ornellaia d'Artista 2011 - 3 Litre Bottle (Artist Label)

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Product description

The sun-filled, early-maturing 2011 vintage perfectly expresses the qualities of Ornellaia. The wine appears an intense, youthful fruit that is fully ripe yet at the same time crisp and lively, backgrounded by delicate nuances of balsam and toastiness. On the palate, the powerful concentration immediately impresses, as do the tannins, massive yet silky smooth and glossy, which allows the wine to completely fill the mouth but with no feeling of heaviness. The finish, near endless, is deliciously pungent and spicy, with a welcome crispness throughout.

Every year, an internationally renowned artist interprets the unique character of the vintage by creating a work of art and a series of exclusive labels. To interpret the ‘Infinity’ character, Ornellaia has invited Canadian artist Rodney Graham to apply his genius to 100 3-litre Double Magnums. Graham drew inspiration from the wine itself, which inspires the mind towards the infinite possibilities of creation, such as poetry. The poetic composition represents the transcending of perceptual capacity, and it is only through thought that one succeeds in touching the infinite.