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Roca Patron Silver Tequila

Product description

Released in the summer of 2014, Roca, Spanish for "rock", refers to the two-ton stone, called a "tahona" that is used to crush the cooked agaves. This more traditional method is not often used as the more mechanized roller mills shred the agave fibres much faster and cheaper. But bitter flavours are imparted to the final product. The juice and fibres from the tahona pressing are included in the fermentation and distillation. The Silver is bottled at 90 proof.

The aroma of sweet cooked agave is fairly dominant on the nose. Other characteristics such as mild earthy and mineral notes are present. Some sweetness is there on the tongue, but not intensely so. Cooked vegetal notes come through on the palate with the sweet agave, but they are in balance with the tequila.