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Sanford & Benedict Pinot Noir Piro 2019

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Product description
Marc Piro knew he wanted to be a winemaker when he was 9 years old. He sat in the crowded backseat of his family’s beige Mercedes diesel station wagon as they drove through the vineyards of Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley, and, inspired, he announced, “Mom, I want a vineyard.” Her response was curt, “Well, then, get a good job.” It took Marc a while to get a full-time job, but in the process, he has spent years travelling the world and making wine under the supervision of talented winemakers in Argentina, New Zealand, Western Australia, and California. True to his boyhood promise, Marc is fulfilling his dream with the Piro Wine Company, a boutique label focused on his favourite varietal, Pinot Noir. As he puts it, “I strive to make old- world-style wines from the new world: extremely delicious wines of balance, elegance, and structure.”

This wine is soft on the mellow nose, with light cherry, pine and turned-soil aromas. The palate shows rusty minerality along with cranberry and orange-rind flavours.