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Profumi Della Costiera Costa d'Amalfi Limoncello

Product description

A very fragrant and proudly Campania limoncello, an extract of joy and happiness born from Amalfi lemon peels, which are washed with cold water and peeled in order to obtain a very thin lemon zest, which is left to macerate in alcohol in containers of stainless steel for a period that can vary from 7 to 10 days. A syrup of water and sugar is then prepared, which will then be mixed with the alcohol from which the lemon zests were previously extracted. Mix and leave to rest.

Radiant yellow in color, it exudes sweet citrus aromas and on the palate it has a marked lemon flavor, wonderfully fresh, an invitation to spring and summer.

Perfect as a digestive at the end of a meal, it is ideal to be enjoyed mixed with tonic water on ice cream and fresh fruit salads.