Sold Out Rehilete Papalote Blanco Tequila
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Rehilete Papalote Blanco Tequila

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Product description

Rehilete Papalote is Aha Yeto’s diffusion line-up of tequilas. They are designed to be versatile both in cocktails and as straight sippers. Rehilete Papalote is harvested and distilled at the same estate as Aha Yeto.

The branding behind Rehilete Papalote is a tribute to Mexican culture that is renowned for its rich cultural events and colorful traditions; red sandstone flooring, stained blue agave while a multicolored pinwheel joins to the wind to let the gusts take away bad luck.

ABV: 40%
Appearance: Crystal Clear
Aroma: Fresh cut grass, minerality, raw agave sweetness
Palate: Grassy, tart pineapple, citrus oil, agave lingers
Finish: Clean finish, smooth and lingers with a hint of heat and tropical flavors