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Rhino Single Malt Whisky

Product description


Rhino Whisky was born under a setting African sun as two friends sat, whisky in hand around a campfire, debating the Rhino Poaching crisis and the possible future extinction of the species if something didn’t change.  At the crackle of that campfire, an idea sparked for them to create a whisky that would highlight the plight of the African Rhino and give back to rhino conservation in Africa. They made a commitment to pledge 5% of all sales to the rehabilitation of baby rhino, orphaned due to their mothers being killed for their horns.

Distilled in Strathspey, the area around the River Spey in Northeastern Scotland the physical location of the distillery is a closely guarded secret.  Produced by a master Whisky Maker,  the finest quality is assured. Their Whisky is double matured in Rum Casks for a sophisticated finish.

AROMA A rich malty aroma with a biscuity sweetness and fresh fruit notes.  A delicate leafy character is balanced with vanilla sweetness.

TASTE Sweet and rounded with a vanilla oakiness.  The malty character carries through into the taste with subtle notes of caramelized fruits.

AFTERTASTE Mellow and long lasting.