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Roberto Voerzio Barolo Torriglione 2011 - 3 x 1.5 Litre Bottles

Product description

This item includes 3 bottles of Roberto Voerzio Barolo Torriglione 2011 - 1.5 Litre

Roberto Voerzio roots himself in the vineyards of Piemonte. Working beside both his father and grandfather, the beauty of La Morra inspired Roberto to pioneer for new pastures. Since age 20, the was aware of the prestige that came with his region, as well as the untapped potential unforeseen with La Morra and greater Langhe.

Now a living legend of Piemonte, Roberto founded his philosophy on 3 pillars: Prime Location, Natural Farming, and the Unique maintenance of vineyards -low yields, extreme selection (green harvest) with high density plantation. He strives for a wine that only finds perfection in its rarity.

“One of the central tenets of the Voerzio approach,” says Antonio Galloni, “is a steadfast belief that the relationship between low yields and high quality is always linear.”

Aromas of smoke, black cherries, southern herbs, red roses, licorice. Full-bodied yet suave; impeccable. Pair with grilled steak or roasted fowl; risotto with truffles; well-aged Italian sheep’s cheese.