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Roca Patron Reposado Tequila

Product description

Roca Patrón is a collection which represents tequilas produced using tahonas to crush their cooked agaves. A tahona is a two-ton stone, and it gently crushes rather than quickly shreds the agave. Their Reposado is aged 5 months in single-use American ex-bourbon barrels and is bottled at 84 proof.

The sweet agave notes you found on the Silver Roca from Patrón are tamed here with a dash of cinnamon. The wood influence is such that you can still taste the agave. It hasn't been covered up. There is some slight slickness of vanilla on your palate with an ever so gentle hint of smoke from the barrel. The finish is bittersweet, and you are left with just a mild tingling sensation on your gums.