Rum Rats Arco Seco 5 Year Old
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Rum Rats Arco Seco 5 Year Old

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Product description
Brought together by a mutual appreciation for good times and beach living in their adopted homes on the Latin American coast, the Rum Rats partnership of Shamus Hewitt & Jason Gardner, was solidified over a bottle of small batch, artisanal Panamanian Rum. From that initial discovery began a journey into the world of Latin American rums and a desire to create their own product that would capture the distinct character and unique flavour of the region.

Shamus and Jason are proud to be bringing their first rum release back to their native Canada, with Rum Rats’ signature expression, The ‘Arco Seco’. A product that offers a fresh perspective and pushes the boundaries of what people have come to expect from a typical rum. 

Deep in the heart of Southern Panama, lies the Arco Seco (or The Dry Arch). A unique Peninsula region, where the dry pacific air and the heat of the Caribbean unite, creating the perfect conditions for a distinct blend of sugar cane production and rum aging tradition that has remained largely undiscovered by North American audiences. At Rum Rats, they want to showcase their rums in their purest form. The natural flavours of the sugar cane, remain unobscured and are able to shine through, in their unadulterated form. A true rum, with 0% sugar, flavours or additives.