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Saint Cels Mille Etoiles Blanc 2017

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Saint Cels is more than a vineyard. It is a “family story”. With its exceptional and diverse terroir, nature offers them all the components necessary for fabulous alchemy. A diversity of soils, schistous hillsides, limestone-clay valleys around Castelbouze, and rolled pebbles along the rivers of Touloubre and Vernazobre. A Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers tempered by the freshness of the nights. This sizeable thermal amplitude favours an optimum maturation, The Tramontane, a dry and cold north wind, naturally maintains healthy vines "Les Confidentielles" from their most qualitative plots. These cuvees look like little glowing stars that glance for the pleasure of your eyes and palate.

Clear, star-bright, pale yellow with golden hues. The first nose is intense and complex, with dominant notes of white stewed fruits (pears), white flowers (Acacias) and boxwood aromas. After aeration, subtle hints of wood and vanilla appear delicately intermingled to give a complex soft nose. The first palate is mouth-filling, with tannins nicely coating the mouth's sides. The same richness of aromas is found in the mouth, giving a harmonious balance. Good length due to a nice sensation of freshness intermingled with soft toasty oak and vanilla flavours. A stunning wine shining like a thousand stars.