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Stambecco Maraschino Cherry Amaro

Product description

Born in Italy, the home of the Amaro, Stambecco Amaro has put its stamp on the category for being the first to add maraschino cherries to its recipe. The name Stambecco is an homage to the lovely long-horned goats that can be seen jumping from mountain to mountain near the Alpine home of the distillery. Master Distiller, Beppe Ronco, works his magic at the Torino Distillati, in Piedmont, North-Eastern Italy.

Nose: Cherry candy – my favorite lollipop flavor – the cherry Tootsie pop, plus the warmth of cinnamon and cardamom following right behind

Taste: A great balance between sweet and bitter, subtle cherry hints with the artemisia adding that zing to make it bitter.

Finish:A velvety, smooth finish with a lingering taste of the cardamon and cinnamon to warm your palette