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Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy

Product description

Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy is currently made in Serbia, where it is crafted with utmost precision and traditional methods. This exquisite brandy offers a distinct flavour profile that highlights the luscious sweetness and natural essence of apricots. The fruit is carefully selected, fermented, and aged to develop its rich character. Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy boasts a smooth and velvety texture with vibrant apricot notes, hints of honey, and a touch of almond. Critics have praised its authenticity, craftsmanship, and the intense apricot flavour it delivers. It has been applauded for its exceptional quality and the ability to capture the essence of ripe apricots. Brandy enthusiasts appreciate its depth of flavour and the delightful balance between sweetness and subtle nuttiness. Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy is a true testament to the art of Serbian brandy-making.