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Stina Cuvee White 2020

Product description

The winery is from the island of Brac, unique and famous for its white stone (Stina). Many famous Croatian poets, authors, sculptors and painters were born on Brac. 

Brac stone has always been a source of inspiration due to its beauty, but it is also a symbol of hardship when it comes to viticulture and viniculture. And that is where the inspiration for the name STINA comes from.  

The grapes for this wine come from the island of Brac, from younger and older vineyards inland of the island that is suitable for growing this variety. The harvest is done manually and selectively early in the morning, in order to preserve freshness and flavour in the grapes.

This is a blend of two indigenous Croatian grapes, Posip and Vugava with a small amount of Chardonnay added for structure and body.