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Tesseron Tresor

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Product description

Tesseron Tresor is a Grande Champagne jewel harvested at the end of the 1800s. Abel Tesseron was responsible for the distilling and the beginning of the aging process of this Cognac hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile, several generations have provided careful watch over the eaux-de-vie as the Limousin oak wooden barrels characterized its taste, aromas and flavors - decade after decade. Today, this little gem of history is available to own and enjoy, in the final bottled form of Tesseron Tresor Cognac.

With years of know-how and expertise behind them, the Tesseron family are producers of both wine and Cognac. Specializing in the curation of well-aged Cognacs, the brand is recognised for its fine quality offerings that blend exquisite eaux-de-vie from the Cognac regions most exclusive appellations.

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