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Sonja Sangria Bubbly White

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Product description

SONJA SANGRIA by Sonja Morgan is a new line of premium Semi-Sparkling Sangria inspired by the classic Valencian recipe, and developed with the help of American television personality, businesswoman, socialite, and philanthropist, Sonja Morgan.

It is no surprise that this new line of Sangria, SONJA by Sonja Morgan is imbued with her spirit: non conformist & inclusive, the drink that welcomes EVERYONE.

Semi-sparkling (frizzante) wine based cocktail with a fruity scent, emphasized by the addition of natural fruit flavours and a hint of mint. It has a lively, sweet, sapid, and clean flavour, straw white color, and a soft, fine foam. The taste of Sonja White Sangria is true to the character of the traditional Clarea recipe, also known as white sangria.

Serve cold, preferably on ice, with a slice of orange, or create your own recipe by adding your favourite fruit.