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Yoshi No Gawa Gensen Karakuchi 'Kome Dry' Honjozo Sake - 300 ml

Product description

A classic extra-dry saké, Gensen Karakuchi is well balanced, clean, and crisp, with a mild sweetness.  Layers of subtle fruit flavors and hints of earth and water portray its Niigata home.  Brewing pioneers twenty generations strong since 1548, Yoshi No Gawa is the oldest brewery in Niigata and the fifth oldest brewery in Japan.

Soft tones of fig, raisin liqueur, and woodsy cypress, lead to a palate of green apple, vanilla, and tapioca with a clean finish.  Pair with Pork Ramen, Seaweed Salad, or Veggie Stir-Fry, and enjoy!  Can be served either chilled or warm.  

Origin:   Niigata Prefecture  |   Rice:  Niigata   |   Rice Polished to:   65%   |   Alcohol:  15.5%

Awards:  GOLD MEDAL - Los Angeles International Wine Competition 2019  | GOLD MEDAL - International Wine Challenge 2018