Kweichow Zhi Jiu Black Moutai - 500 ml
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Kweichow Zhi Jiu Black Moutai - 500 ml

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Product description

Moutai is a must-visit beverage for anyone who enjoys life's unique moments!  A style of Chinese baijiu, Moutai dates back over two millennia to the Qing Dynasty.  Moutai was the first Chinese liquor to be mass-produced on a huge scale. Eventually, under China's communist government, all local distilleries were merged into Kweichow Moutai, a single state-run corporation. Kweichow remains in Guizhou, deep in China's southwestern corner, where the indigenous culture revolves around baijiu distillation. 

'Zhi Jiu Black' is made from sorghum, a cereal grain that has been aged for 7 years. It is then blended with liquor that has been aged for 10 years, producing a similar flavour to Kweichow's Flying Fairy Moutai.