Posted on by David Dienger

ZYN is going to give you a few fun facts about wine so that when the conversation at the dinner table turns to politics, you can change it to wine, making it much more interesting!

Fact #1 - One acre of land?

One acre of land can house anywhere from 450 to 2200 vines.

Fact #2 - One vine of grapes?

One vine will produce 3 to 4 bottles of wine or 15-20 glasses of wine.

Fact #3 - One ton of grapes?

One ton of grapes equals 720 bottles of wine.

Fact #4 - One 5 ounce glass of wine?

One glass of wine contains a half a pound of grapes.

Fact #5 - How many varieties of grapes are there worldwide?

Ten thousand and it's time to explore them all.

Fact #6 - Drink to your health?

In ancient Greece, the dinner host took the first sip of wine to ensure its safety, giving us the phrase "drink to your health".

Like ZYN stated at the beginning, a great conversation alternative.