Posted on by Tara Shwagor

Your questions about the cellaring of wine are answered...

How does one know when or when not to cellar a wine?

Quite a small percentage of wines are produced with the intention of cellaring, in fact, most wine today should be consumed within the first few years or as young as possible to truly enjoy the youthful fruit and flavours.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that wine will improve with age and often discover the reality a little too late. ZYN suggests going through your cellar, checking out the vintages and be ready for the possibility that you might have some wines that are better suited for your homemade salad dressing as opposed to consuming.

Which wines are more suited for cellaring?

There are wines which benefit from cellaring, anywhere from 5 to upwards of 20 years. A few examples are wines from Bordeaux, wine from Italy, such as Barolo, Barbaresco and of course, the most famous Super Tuscan wine, Tignanello. Big bold California wine also makes a good choice for cellaring, as does Champagne.

Drop by ZYN's Inglewood location and David, the owner of ZYN will guide you through the ZYN cellar. You never know what treasure you may end up leaving with!