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Callia Chardonnay 2019

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Product description

Bodegas Callia is situated in the Tulum Valley in Argentina’s province of San Juan. It is nestled between the Pie de Palo hills to the north and the Cerro Chico Del Zonsa to the south. Two finca estates encompass 700 acres of land: Finca Pie de Palo and Finca 9 De Julio. At 630 meters above sea level, the area is blessed by temperate climate, low rainfall and rich sandy alluvial and clay loam soil, the result is intense and fruity wines that reflect the rich terroir of this region. Grapes are crushed and de-stemmed immediately after harvest to preserve freshness and fruit character.

Intense yellow colour and greenish hints. This wine presents a rich complex fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe banana, roasted almond, peach and honey. It is full and rich on the palate with pineapple and pear characters.