Sold Out Chiyomusubi Shuzo Goriki 60 Junmai Sake -  720 ml
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Chiyomusubi Shuzo Goriki 60 Junmai Sake - 720 ml

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Goriki, meaning 'strong power', is an original sake rice from Tottori prefecture.  Chiyomusubi Shuzo is one of eight sake breweries in Tottori making sake with Goriki.  This sake is also made in the muroka style, without charcoal filtering, leaving it to express its minerality and umami in flavor, and exhibiting its golden hue.  With the rice polished down to 60%, Chiyomusubi's '60' features a banana-like aroma, sourness that comes from Umami, and a sharp finish.  It pairs beautifully with crab, tuna, and Chinese cuisine.

Origin:   Tottori Prefecture  |   Rice:  Goriki  |   Rice Polished to:   60%   |   Alcohol:  15%