Sold Out Lindemans Kriek Lambic Beer - 20 Litre Keg
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Lindemans Kriek Lambic Beer - 20 Litre Keg

Last unit sold for $217.00

Product description

To make a beer like no other, Lindemans has been adding whole sour cherries to their lambic for generations. Lindemans uses fresh, not from concentrate, unsweetened cherry juice which they blend with lambic that is at least one year old before fermenting & macerating for up to 3 days and pasteurising the whole batch. So the corks don't pop. Due to the use of juice and pasteurisation, this Kriek is sweeter and fruitier than Lindemans' Oude Kriek Cuvée René, which undergoes a second fermentation process in the bottle. 

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