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Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon 86 Proof

Product description

Old Forester Bourbon was the first to be sold in America in sealed glass bottles to avoid unsavoury folks tampering with their carefully-considered recipe. It was first seen on shelves in 1870, and the rye-rich bourbon continues to be enjoyed today.

Overall: Bourbon doesn't get made for over 140 years without it being pretty great, so it's unsurprising that Old Forester is, well, pretty darn great!

Finish: Juicy orange and spicy oak continue on the finish.

Palate: Starts quite sweet with caramel and maple syrup, though swiftly develops intense oaky elements and hints of pine resin. Sweetness returns slightly on the mid-palate.

Nose: Top notes of orange blossom and cedar. Soon, the classic rye bread warmth and a lingering waft of buttered pancakes are developed.