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Ron Santisima Trinidad De Cuba 15 Year Old

Product description
Santisima Trinidad De Cuba 15 years old is the result of a sophisticated ageing process with 3 stages. Firstly, the rum rests in barrels for 4 years, then the different barrels are blended. In the second phase, the rum is aged for a period varying from 3 to 25 years, then again these rums of varying ages are blended together before entering the third period. The rum then rests again to obtain the desired harmonization and profile.

The nose opens with a light rum, perfumed with prune brandy. The toasted barrel has impregnated the rum to the core, leaving its roasted, even charred mark. The lightness of the rum brings out a handful of tangy fruits. The aeration coats the nostrils with a pinch of icing sugar, for a marshmallow-like sweetness. The caramelized nuts roll in with gusto. The palate is very light, with some red fruit gummies simmering. The sweets contain a little spice that swarms the tongue. A small veil of vanilla closes this spice march. The finish is somewhere between dry and sweet, with an eye-catching toasted wood and a sweet feel to it all.