Yoshi No Gawa Genson Karakuchi 'Kome Dry' Honjozo Sake - 1.8 Litre Bottle
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Yoshi No Gawa Genson Karakuchi 'Kome Dry' Honjozo Sake - 1.8 Litre Bottle

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Yoshi no Gawa Gensen is a prime example of the Niigata karakuchi style. It’s medium-light, food-friendly, and finishes with modest bitterness.  Brewing pioneers twenty generations strong since 1548, Yoshi No Gawa is the oldest brewery in Niigata and the fifth oldest brewery in Japan.

A classic extra-dry saké, Gensen Karakuchi is well balanced, clean, and crisp, with a mild sweetness.  Layers of subtle fruit flavors and hints of earth and water portray its Niigata home.  Soft tones of fig, raisin liqueur, and woodsy cypress, lead to a palate of green apple, vanilla, and tapioca with a clean finish.  Pair with Pork Ramen, Seaweed Salad, or Veggie Stir-Fry, and enjoy!  Can be served either chilled or warm.  

Origin:   Niigata Prefecture  |   Rice:  Niigata   |   Rice Polished to:   65%   |   Alcohol:  15.5%

Awards:  GOLD MEDAL - Los Angeles International Wine Competition 2019  | GOLD MEDAL - International Wine Challenge 2018