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Cinco Sentidos Chino Mezcal

Product description

Within Mexico, the mezcales produced in the state of Michoacan are highly prized due to their unique flavors and atypical production processes. However, due to a myriad of complex legal and social issues, very few mezcales from the region are available outside of Mexico. This small batch of both wild and cultivated Agave Chino (A. Cupreata) is one of the few expressions of Michoacan mezcal available in Canada, and it is produced with a “Filipino” still – 16th Century technology consisting of a copper boiling chamber and tree trunk (!!!) “condensing hat“. The result is a buttery mezcal that is especially appropriate for lovers of cheese and cream. Aromas: Strawberry Candy, Blue Cheese. Palate: Strawberry Cream Cheese, Slight Earthy Notes with Black Licorice Finish.