Sold Out Berta Elisi Grappa - 500 ml
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Berta Elisi Grappa - 500 ml

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Product description

Clean, warming, and intense, the Elisi Grappa wafts with scents of chocolate-wrapped cherry, orchard fruits, caramel, toasted nuts and a kiss of spice. This Grappa feels silky and rich in the mouth, suffusing the palate with flavor notes, elegant alcohol, and just a touch of sweetness--it’s a finely balanced liqueur that caps a delicious dinner with deft balance and perfect heat. Crafting the non-vintage Elisi is a two-step process; first, Berta distills the component grape pomaces in copper pots and ages the component wines in oak, and then the distillery assembles a blend of 50% five-year-old Barbera grappa with 25% each eight-year-old Nebbiolo Grappa and three-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon Grappa; after the blend has been composed, the Elisi Grappa ages for a year in oak.