Sold Out The 86 Co. Cabeza Tequila
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The 86 Co. Cabeza Tequila

Last unit sold for $75.00

Product description

Tasting Notes

Tequila Cabeza is made from 100% agave that is grown in the Los Altos region in Arandas, Mexico. It's grown without pesticides on land that has been used for agave for over 100 years. On the nose there is a bouquet of highland agave that captures both the earthiness and the honey of the agave while adding complex layers of green vegetables and a nice dose of mineralogy. More of the green vegetables, earthiness and some green pepper enter softly on the palate at the start before you're hit with the robust and earthy flavour of agave that comes with a taste of light citrus. This a medium to full-bodied tequila with a velvety mouth feel and finishes with a light bitter citrus, more cooked agave flavours and black pepper.

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