Courvoisier 21 Year Old Cognac
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Courvoisier 21 Year Old Cognac

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The Art of Maturation: a 21-Year-Old Courvoisier Vintage - 41% ABV

The Courvoisier Vintage Connoisseur Collection 21 Years Cognac contains the finest eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne cru, arguably the most exclusive Cognac making region, that have been aged in the cellars at Maison Courvoisier for over two decades. The barrels chosen have been made of fine grained oak from the Tronçais forest, the perfect choice for extended maturation periods. The age statements used for the Connoisseur Collection are rather unusual as Cognac cannot normally declare age statements because of BNIC restrictions (tracking, certification). Courvoisier had the smart idea to develop an in-house tracking system over 20 years ago to allow declaration of age on specific eaux-de-vie. While other producers rely on rough estimates, Courvoisier has moved ahead of the other major players in this regard.  

It was during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule, after the French Revolution, that Courvoisier Cognac first started to take shape. In the outskirts of Paris, in a town called Bercy outside the city walls, Emmanuel Courvoisier opened up a wine and spirits shop with the help of the town’s mayor Louis Gallois. The location was perfect; close to the river for easy transport, free of city taxes and set in the middle of a bustling wine trade. Louis and Emmanuel's reputation grew quickly, so much that they were soon honoured with a visit from the Emperor himself, Napoleon Bonaparte. He eventually became the company’s best customer, having decided that the French troops should be given a ration of Cognac every day to boost morale.  

After years of steady growth, the highly successful business was eventually handed over to Felix Courvoisier and Jules Gallois, the sons of Emmanuel and Louis. Together, the two men made one of the most significant changes to the House of Courvoisier. They moved their headquarters from Paris to the attractive town of Jarnac in the heart of the Cognac region. 

From Napoleon Bonaparte to the royal households of Europe, Charles Dickens to Vivienne Westwood and Busta Rhymes, Courvoisier has perfected the art of making friends in high places for 200 years. Despite being one of the ‘big four’ Cognac producers, Courvoisier has always remained dedicated to craft and quality, carefully selecting grapes from only the finest crus for their eaux-de-vie and the best Limousin wood for their casks. This 21 year old vintage Cognac is, of course, no exception. 

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