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Domaine Gerard Duplessis Chablis "Montmains" Premier Cru 2018

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Duplessis undertakes a slightly unorthodox approach to aging, with the premier and grand crus aged in vat for six months for the malolactic fermentation, followed by six months in oak barrels (up to 10% new) and then six months back in stainless steel. In this way he ensures that the barrels are always full, as the previous vintage is always racked and transferred into vat just before the next harvest. Duplessis' wines show very well and in fact this is one of the few growers who might even surpass what is considered the benchmark vintage of 2014. In particular, the Montmains seems to be enjoying a fine run of form in both the 2015 and 2016 vintages, even measuring up to Les Clos.