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Eau Claire Christmas Gin

Product description

When Master Distiller Caitlin Quinn turned her mind to a Christmas seasonal, the thought was: what would be the best to represent the true gift of Christmas. Every year, Eau Claire looks forward to sharing their Christmas Gin, a special spirit that celebrates the holidays with Frankincense and Myrrh, two of the three wise men's gifts and this year, they decided it was time to add the third gift from the three wise men, gold!

Specially formulated for the holiday season, the ancient spices of Frankincense and Myrrh were viewed as both priceless and flavourful, so they decided to make their traditional London-style Gin with these two unique botanicals. The unique flavour notes brought by these ancient spice resins, give the gin a beautiful mouthfeel, with a hint of almost lemony, balsamic taste. With every pour, your glass will sparkle with 24 karat gold flakes, whether you have the spirit on its own, in a martini or topped with Prosecco. Eau Claire Distillery presents you with a gift fit for a queen or king. Be sure to stock your bar for the holiday season with this festive Gin.