El Jolgorio Tepeztate  Mezcal
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El Jolgorio Tepeztate Mezcal

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Traditional pit-roasted, mule-drawn tahona-crushed, open fermented, double-distilled mezcal from 100% wild-harvested Agave Tepeztate (Agave marmorata) harvested at 13 years of age, bottled at 47.8% ABV. Produced in Santa Maria Zoquitlan, Oaxaca, by mezcalero Ignacio Parada. Crafted from agave harvested at 25 years of age, this mezcal Tepeztate is special. It is known in Zapotec as Du Cual, a reference to the twisted shape of its leaves that catch more water than other agaves, created less concentrated sugars.

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