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El Jolgorio Todos Santos Tobasiche

Product description

Todos Santos (All Saints) is a profoundly important event in Mexican culture: a three-day celebration of friends and loved ones who have passed on. The third and final day, the Day of the Dead marks the moment these dearly departed can cross back over into our living world, joyfully reuniting families, friends, and lovers for a brief moment. An altar is built for the visiting spirit, called an “Ofrenda,” and adorned with offerings of the things most beloved by that person in life: cherished objects, favorite foods, favorite candies, and often a glass of mezcal.

Tobasiche is a subvariety of the Karwinskii species of agave. Unlike most agave, whose leaves (or “pencas”) grow outwards from a central heart or core which remains close to the ground, Agave Karwinskii develop as a long vertical stem or trunk, with the sugar concentrated near the top where the "pencas" remain green and spiky.